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The Amistad Reading Project is designed to promote basic reading skills in elementary school-aged children, using a phonics-based approach to building reading skills and a life-long love of reading.



The Amistad Reading Project a primary reading program created by The Amistad Group.  Copyright © 2008 Amistad Educational Services. All rights reserved

Mission Statement

The purpose of our program is two fold; 1) teach basic reading skills, using phonics as a base to early elementary school age children, 2) use reading as a basis to develop a thirst for learning among early elementary age school children challenged by an urban environment.


Student Goal

(To be known and recited by the students):

 My goal is to become a better reader and learner!


Purpose & Overview

 In 2004, the Michigan Department of Education embraced the challenge of creating Grade Level Content Expectations in response to the federal No Child Left behind Act of 2001.  The Amistad Group created this program with the goals stated by the Michigan Department of Education as a guideline.

 The Amistad Reading Project is a no frills reading program designed to promote basic reading skills in children aged 7 through 10 years of age.  The Amistad Reading Project will use a phonics based approach to building reading skills. As well as utilizing certain aspects of the sight method of reading to reinforce reading skills.  The core elements we will use to teach reading to the selected students will be:

 Word Recognition and Word Study (WS)

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Phonics

  • Word Recognition

  • Vocabulary                                                                     


Narrative Text

Informational Text



Reading Attitude

Critical Standards


The Amistad Reading Project recognizes that many of the problems associated with the lack of reading and academic performance stem from process as well as content.  It is critical to keep in mind that content knowledge alone is not sufficient for academic success. Students must be able to apply knowledge in new situations, to solve problems by generating new ideas, and to make connections from what they learn in class to the world around them. The art of teaching is what makes the content of learning become a reality.

 To this end The Amistad Reading Project will use various reading mediums, i.e. newspapers, magazines and graphic novels. Our overall goal is not only to facilitate reading but to help make the educational process more enjoyable for the learner. 



 The following is a capsule of the Amistad Reading Project

Session 1


            Permission filings/pictures


            Goals and objectives

            Select story groups


Session 2

            Meet in story groups

            Pick a book

            Phonic drills

            Evaluation (pre)


Sessions 3 through Nth

            Reinforce goals

            Word/phonic drills

            Group reading/story groups


Last Session

            Capstone event/certificates

            Evaluation (post)


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