Your Child Need Help Reading?

Do you have a grade-school child who is having trouble reading?

We can help!

Do You Think Children Should Love To Read?

Reading opens up the world to a child.

A good teacher is their tour guide on an amazing journey.

How To Get Involved Helping Readers

We want your help-from cash to books to meeting space to school supplies.

Help groom the next generation!

The Amistad Reading Project is designed to promote basic reading skills in elementary school-aged children, using a phonics-based approach to building reading skills and a life-long love of reading.

How To Make Your Child An Active Reader


Reading begins at home. As a parent/caregiver you are the first and most important teacher your child will have.  Enjoy stories with your child from an early age.  Even newborns can sense your enthusiasm when you read to them.  Try to set aside special time each and every day that you and your child can enjoy reading together without interruption.

Engage your child in conversations, for communicating orally is a prerequisite to understanding the written word.  Encourage and ask questions like “why?”  Once your child begins to read independently, take turns reading to each other.  This is also a great time to begin to read longer stories, perhaps a chapter or two each day.

Here are few helpful hints to making your child an active reader.

Remember reading is a lifestyle, not a special event.  Have fun with it!!!

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